15 APRIL 2009

This site's news has been stopped. I'm focusing on making smaller games now, and my new site is

Engine of War is still here, and still for sale at the new low price of $9.99. I have just uploaded a new patch, version 1.6, that fixes a few annoying glitches.

The blog is also done, because although there are a thousand good reasons for me to have one, I am going to focus all my efforts on making games for now. If I re-start it, it will be at the new site,

2 JANUARY 2009

Welcome to the new year!

Engine of War is now only 9.99 USD!

25 DECEMBER 2008

Merry Christmas!

15 DECEMBER 2008

New patched version!
Version 1.5 includes all the latest upgrades, including a tutorial video.

24 OCTOBER 2008

I get to talk at the Canzine indie game room, on October 26th. I will be up there with the Scourge team!


RGN will be selling Mugs, Hats and T-shirts with Engine of War art on them. How cool is that? I'll post when they are in the store.


Engine of War has been patched! Version 1.4 has been uploaded. This fixes a few more things that 1.3 rushed by.


Engine of War has been patched! Version 1.3 has been uploaded.


Engine of War has won FIRST PLACE Indie Game Showcase! Thanks for voting!


I'm off to Texas, for the Austin GDC, so that Engine of War can be displayed at the RGN booth.


Engine of War has placed in the Indie Game Showcase! That means we are in the top three places. Thanks everyone for voting!

18 AUGUST 2008

New patch! Check it out on the fixes page.

1 JULY 2008

Happy Canada day everyone!

6 JUNE 2008

1.4 of The Scourge is uploaded. Check it out on Michael's team page.

23 MAY 2008

Because of a missing file in version 1.1, version 1.2 is now uploaded, fixing the problem. If you could not enter your key without crashing the game, please re-download the demo, and try again.

23 MAY 2008

A new version has just been uploaded, version 1.1, that can now be downloaded in all the same places (it has just replaced the old version).

In it, the 'spending-money-on-a-part-over-the-maxium-limit' glitch has been fixed, along with some minor tweaks to the slideshow slides, making them more clear.

12 MAY 2008

I have just returned from TOjam, a indie game jam where almost 150 people made a bunch of games over three days. There was little sleep, way too much caffeine and lots of fun.

The free game that I worked on can be found here
. There are zombies.

The team was myself, the artist Craig Adams (Youtube) and
the cool sound-guy, Arthur Zaragoza

1 MAY 2008

Engine of War is done. In a short while, it will be in stores, and entered in a few contests, include PAX 10, and the Indie Game Showcase.

Thanks to all who helped test it!

24 APRIL 2008

Last beta release of Engine of War is here. Check it out on the forums!

12 APRIL 2008

Beta release of Engine of War is here. Check it out on the forums!

27 MARCH 2008

Download of the full free version of Mech Builder has been removed. This is because of the upcoming release of 'Engine of War'.

18 MARCH 2008

Voting has begun for the Indie Game Showcase contest. If you would like to vote for 'Mech Builder', check out the vote page or click here to vote direct.

10 MARCH 2008

New version of Mech Builder posted, version 1.3.
This has a few small bug fixes, as follows:

Fixes -

     - Add a 'fader' that appears whenever a circuit part that can have a number setting (number gen, random num, etc) is selected.

     - Listed a screenshot key in the controls list on esc. (f6)

     - Stopped the A116 power generator from hurting the player while safe mode is active.

     - Fixed a glitch. Monsters will no longer make death sounds when off-screen.

    - Installing this will wipe any save games on the old version.


3 MARCH 2008

Mech Builder has been entered in the Indie Games Showcase Contest!
Check it out here.

The voting for the contest starts on March 14. If you would like to be reminded
(just once, no spam ever) to vote for Mech Builder, either
email me at:
or post on the forum, in the 'VOTE for mech builder ' section.

1 MARCH 2008

New version of Mech Builder posted, version 1.2.
This has a few small bug fixes, as follows:

    Fixes -

     - Fixed level 19 being impossible to finish.

     - Doubled radius for $ cash pickup.

     - Changed the boss display text, for boss boasting.

     - Added small text on how to delete parts to tutorial

26 FEB 2008

Add digg! it voting to the vote page.

Check it out here.

25 FEB 2008

New version of Mech Builder posted, version 1.1.
This has a few small bug fixes, as follows:

    Fixes -

     - The player is now invincible from the time a boss dies to the
    time that the next level's text fades away. This prevents the
    player from dying after killing the boss, and starting the
    next level without the weapon upgrade and money that the boss drops.

     - All monsters that are stuck off-map are killed when the
    progress timer bar is full. This prevents levels being
    impossible to win because various monsters are stuck off-map.

24 FEB 2008

How would you like to have your work seen by the masses and be a part of MECH BUILDER?

Mech Builder needs things that I do not have the skill to do, this is your time to step up to the plate!

- Youtube videos of gameplay, tutorials and walkthroughs,
- Writing of manuals, part descriptions, humor and game stories,
- Promotion and building game awareness
- Glitch testing and play testing
- Circuit design. Yes, this job is designing cool circuits in the game.
- Forum admin

If your skill is not shown here, and you want to show it off and be a part of MECH BUILDER, then email me anyway!

If MECH BUILDER wins in any of the contests I will be submitting it to, then your work might be displayed to thousands of game developers. These conventions are where much of the hiring of the industry takes place.

Contact me at


23 FEB 2008

`Mechbuilder` full free version released! Download it here



06 FEB 2008

`Mechbuilder` game complete and available for download.

05 FEB 2008

`Mechbuilder` demo is finished.

22 JAN 2008

`Mechbuilder` last testing phase is finished.

16 DEC 2007

`Mechbuilder` starts last testing phase,

Pick up a copy of the tester's version on the 'Games' page, and fill out
the included copy of the Mech Builder - Review Form!

If you send a completed review to us, we will place
your name
in the credits, under 'Play testers'!


14 DEC 2007

`AkithGames` website complete and relaunched.



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